One Response to “In a resellers hosting account, do I need to create a separate package for each domain?”

  1. IT says:

    It really depends on what scripts your website is built on, how man pictures your website has, how many visitors it gets, etc.

    In order to get a feeling for this: Install your website, upload all pictures and then check out how much disk space you used. Then every few days check your bandwidth usage.

    If it is your reseller account, it doesn’t really matter:

    -Just give them a bit and when the websites need more, you can easily allocate more. (For example a fresh website will usually not need more than 500MB of disk space and say 10GB of bandwidth.)

    -On the other hand if your reseller account allows you to oversell then simply allocate unlimited resources to every website and forget the quota. Then check the usage of you whole account from time to time in order to stay in the limits of your plan.

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