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I am trying to start a web hosting compnay as a reseller.?

The question is how does this work? I mean If I am getting, lets say 500GB, how do I distribute it to my customers. For example I will put up a basic plan that will offer about 500MB out of 500GB that I get from my host. So how do I do it? Do they [...]

What is the best way to promote your web hosting website?

Hello, I recently bought a reseller, and got a WHMCS trial licence for my hosting company, I’ve lowered the prices a lot, and I need ways of getting customers. Can someone recommend me ways to get more customers, or sites that I can advertise on? Thanks Chosen Answer: Email hosting review sites and ask them [...]

Can I know one of the affordable web hosting company in India.?

I’m looking for to develop a website. I need a reliable web hosting with a good customer care in India. Chosen Answer: It depends up on what are the hosting packages you would like to take up. I know about one hosting company based in Bangalore Neera Software Technologies Customer support is superb! I [...]

How to make your hosting company online?

Hi, I am in need of some help someone who can actually help me and not just post stupid stuff, I am wanting to start up my own website hosting company. I would not know where to start tho haha, I want to know how I manage to get the severs and domains and stuff [...]

I have the option of putting my website on my friends server for free. But is there any reason I?

should buy my own host to set up a wordpress blog? Chosen Answer: I always recommend getting your own hosting. A friend today can always become an enemy tomorrow unfortunately. Too often people come to me because of their site has been deleted/stolen or their access to the site has been removed and there is [...]

What are the best website/domain reseller programs available?

I’m getting ready to expand my current business to offer website design/hosting and domain sales. Can anyone recommend a good program? Or, tell me who to avoid? Chosen Answer: has a great reseller program. Cheap prices too. by: Brady on: 7th August 12

VPS or alpha master reseller? which is best?

I planned to take alpha master reseller which can sell master reseller packs. Now my friends said vps is best. Im confused. How vps differs from alpha reseller? Can i provide master reseller hosting after purchasing vps hosting? Please healp me. Thank you. Chosen Answer: Getting a VPS is like getting a dedicated server (from [...]