8 Responses to “who is responsible for website hosting security in Resellers Package?”

  1. Diana says:

    You should try private cloud hosting instead. I think it is better!. Try the site below.

  2. Natsume Hyuuga says:

    the company who owns / has access to the server root is responsible

  3. prp says:

    Its news to me that Joomla is responsible for security breach. Ask your web host to identify which Joomla plugin is responsible. Atleast Joomla people should know that they are involved in hacking.

    Seriously your webhost is fooling you. Go for good and responsible hosts like Resellerclub, hostgator, net4, bigrock, etc

  4. Janyson says:

    The one who has installed these software’s is responsible because the it is an application level vulnerability not the system level.

  5. Mark says:

    I think the company is responsible

  6. Deepak says:

    The service provider should be active every time he cant say that its not his responsible and whether its Joomla or HTML website the developer will develop website in good manner to have client forever, but the cpanel provider should have a good security if he don’t have then he should not provide service lol :O. its crazy that he investigated and dint find any solution…
    anyways providers should provide services thoroughly or the only option is loosing clients.

  7. Sravani says:

    The authorized person.

  8. Myra says:

    The hosting company is responsible, definitely. I think they may be talking about you adding extra features.. and not being responsible for that, if it compromises your security. Seems your hosting company is really sketchy.. and putting rules into place that they shouldn’t.. to take advantage of their customers.

    I had an issue with Bluehost trying some sketchy stuff.. I switched to SiteServing. They are dependable and very open about their policies.

    Good luck with everything.. especially if you end up taking legal action.

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